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Platinum Event Services Inc.
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Platinum Event Services
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About Platinum Event Services - Dallas Texas

The principle officers of Platinum ESI have had over 80 years of combined experience in the event staffing industry. We believe that most companies in this industry, which include security companies, facility management companies, catering and parking companies, suffer from two major problems. All security companies are trained under the rules of the security boards that govern them. However none are comprehensively trained in the customer service aspects of the industry. They fail to realize that the services they provide is a deciding factor whether or not customers find their experiences at the events enjoyable. Other companies find it difficult to maintain the established guidelines of the client’s wishes and this leads to a decrease in customer satisfaction. Platinum ESI feels this is caused by poor management, less than reliable employees, and lack of total company commitment.

Platinum Event Services has set itself above the rest by maintaining a higher quality standard of customer service, and has committed itself to achieving the expectations of our clients and their customers.

Platinum will provide you with the specific security services and staffing your event or convention requires. We customize our crowd management solutions to fit our client’s needs.